America: We are UNITED!
September 11, 2001
Inspired Us All to Think About Our Relationships...
...Our Families...Our Friends...
...Our Military...Our Military Families...
Our Country...
God Bless the USA
And ALL the Peoples of the World!
Freedom-Loving People Around the World

We were ALL Attacked this Infamous Day!


Iwo Jima Memorial
Freedom is NEVER FREE!
Everyday you wake up free, IS a great day.

We need to remember that God created this vast and glorious world for us to live in, freely, but also at great sacrifice. Let us never forget from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War and all the wars in-between that sacrifice was made for our freedom. Remember to pray praises for this great country of ours and also pray for those still in murderous unrest around the world. STOP and THANK GOD for being alive and being free at someone else's sacrifice.

Read the wonderful story of this Monument

"The Boys of Iwo Jima"
© 2000 by Michael T. Powers

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