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Geri Zahner Home
Christian the Lion
See the heartwarming story of Christian the Lion ~ Click on his picture

Dancing Bird
Click on the Dancing Bird to see the full video of this darling little bird dancing to Ray Charles!

The "Fire" Waterfall
of El Capitan
Watch these two friends play together ~ Click on their picture to see the full video of their antics! Cat and Owl
  Optical Illusions  
Watch the FROG . . .
. . . become a HORSE!
Perpetually ascending staircase.
How can the man go up all the time and come back to the same place over and over?
The red squares are the same color in the upper part and in the lower part of the "X" There are no gray spots at the corners of the squares.
Impossible Triangle. The diagonal lines are parallel. The center circles are both the same size.
Parallel lines at sunrise. Three-prong fork.
The rows of black and white squares are all parallel.
The Vertical lines are both the same length. Ambiguous cubes
All the bumps are identical. The one in the lower right corner is upside-down. The image to the right is rotating.
There are only white circles at the intersections
Wavy Squares? No!
The background of concentric circles makes the squares appear distorted.
Warped Square?
There are no curved lines in this figure.
Rotating Wheels
The circles appear to rotate when you move your head closer and farther away from the screen
while looking at the dot in the center. ........ Back to FUN list
Hidden Pictures
Impossible Circle Who is the tallest?
They are all the SAME height.
What do you see here?
Do you see the word "LIFT"?
Or, a bunch of black splotches ?

A face? .... Or, the word 'liar' ?

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  How many horses in this picture?
You should find 7
Look at the middle column. Where does it end? DO YOU SEE FOUR PEOPLE?
Did you find FIVE people?
  FIND THE FACES: There are 11 human faces in the picture. Can you find them all? Normal people find 4 or 5 of them.
If you find 8 of them, you have an
extraordinary sense of observation.
If you find all 11 of them, you are extremely observant.
  Do you see BOTH deer? Back to FUN list